Thursday, June 02, 2005

F-U Professional Courtesy!

After several years of facing the reality that it is so so so hard to get yourself/your group/your business/your name out there, I would like to just take this opportunity to complain about a certain writer who pissed me off. I have no problem with the idea that maybe someone just doesn't like our work or think we are funny. What I have a problem with is the absolute ego and pretention displayed by the original letter we received from her stating that she would love to check out our show, and then two paragraphs about what she thinks is important in comedy followed by a statement that regardless if she publishes anything about us she will give us the professional courtesy of feedback (which never happened). There are several things wrong with that.

1. Making a list of the qualities that you think best represent good comedy is a self-righteous, ridiculous attempt at a power play. Go see it, write about it, reflect on it, but don't fucking tell me what you think makes a group funny in your "I'll come see you" letter. It undermines the hard work, time, money, heart, humor, thought, and courage (especially comedians --because we all know how big your balls have to be to lay it on the line like that) put into a show that they're just inviting you to so maybe one more person will come across their group's NAME!

2. You can't just NEVER respond to every email thanking you for coming and asking when that "Professional Courtesy" will happen. This person has no idea the amount of work that goes into three years of performing your asses off to make people laugh. After writing a manifesto on what you think is quality and extending your "professionally courteous" eye to our meer little "troupe" you should fucking reply to an email by atleast saying "your welcome. and thank YOU for the ticket."

The truth is, I don't give a shit what this lady thinks of me or my group. I am just so frustrated that she thinks she is so knowledgeable. Until this blog we have been nothing but courteous to her. And now we are having our own personal successes, we're up for an ECNY, we are getting interest around the country, we sell out our shows and we have a significant fan base who DO think we are funny and who DO thank us for complimentary tickets and who DON'T preface their RSVP's with well, I think comedy is this and that. Fuck you, lady.

If the rest of Fearsome agrees I'll replace "lady" with her name.


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