Friday, November 18, 2005 liked us!

Check our review from at
This new show is a real wild ride and we are so happy that you all are enjoying it. Here's what they're saying . . .

"Their particular brand of sketch comedy cuts straight to the laughs. It’s like comedy for comedy’s sake. What they do very well is break down a joke into its parts and gradually push it to funnier and funnier places."-- Richard Hinojosa (

"With a flair for nimble wordplay, dirty songs and visual gags, they're one of the most physically confident sketch groups you're likely to see. And their new show "Fearsome...and such" makes the best use yet of that intuitive bravado." -- Carol Hartsell (

"An evening of comedy that manages to bow to the lowest common denominator in a most intelligent way." -- Shannon Paige (

"Smoking hot!" -- The Apiary (

"The team performs some fantastic funny stuff at a frenetic pace that all connects together" -- (

We just happy you're showing up.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

That's Blogtastic!

We at Fearsome are excited, thrilled and yes, a bit relieved, to have opened our show this past Friday to an enthusiastic sell-out crowd. Despite some technical flaws which often accompany an opening night(like a swordfight scene in which not 1 but 4 swords were broken) we are excited to continue our run, so come check us out, fools.

You don't have to take our word for it, though. Some reps from the blogger nation were in attendance, and check out what they have to say. Thanks to Uncool Kids and Drink at Work for their kind words, and check out some great photos and kind words at The Apiary (under November 7th).