Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fearsome News

Hi all:
Our Fearsome vacation is over, and we've all climbed out of our little holes...with wider eyes, bushier tails and a verve for chasing animals smaller than us.

Here's some news from us:

1) Chris had a camera fed down his throat and into his stomach recently. It was determined that his stomach problems may have been caused by...a camera that was fed down his throat and into his stomach. They removed it and he's feeling much better now.

2) Jaime still lives in Connectticutt and I still can't spell it.

3) Shayna got engaged over Christmas, even though she's Jewish.

4) Dan's girlfriend is doing a cleansing diet where she eats nothing but a mixture of water, maple syrup, lemon and Cayenne Pepper.

5) Alex is brushing up his Mexican accent so he can please his girlfriend's parents.

6) And I am trying to teach my 7 month old niece how to walk. She's just not getting it.

Please check out Fearsome at Sketch fights next Saturday, at 11pm at the PIT!


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