Monday, April 24, 2006

Dear Jaime

Dear Jaime,

We missed you Saturday night. It’s never a complete FEARSOME show without every member, and while we know you had a good excuse to miss the show (whatever it was), it’s not the same without you.

So to recap, we won our second Sketch Fights! We took on the entire Harvard Sailing Team, and it was a tough battle. Those kids had all the energy of a college a capella group, with none of the cheesiness. There had to be six hundred of them onstage with all the action taking place, and they were relentlessly funny. In the end, the audience tweaked slightly in our favor and two of the three judges voted for us, giving us a narrow 4-1 victory…in case you don’t remember (or in case you are not in fact Jaime reading this letter…and shame on you voyeurs) the audience gets a total of two votes, so even though it was close, we got both votes. Next month we’ll go back to defend our crown, but we need you there!

And that wasn’t the only victory of the night! Our very own Shayna Ferm won the prestigious and highly coveted Battle of the Funny Bands. Yep, she took home the shiny new trophy and mucho respect…well, she didn’t actually take it home, she raced from that theater to ours in a very busy evening. I hope Shay woke up the next morning and bought some lottery tickets.

And because good things happen in threes, FEARSOME is pleased to announce we will return to SketchFest NYC! The lineup has been announced, and very funny groups from all over the country will visit our humble city in June. Exciting.

Well Jaime, hope the syphilis and rabies cleared up, and we look forward to seeing you at rehearsal.

Love always,

The rest of FEARSOME

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Saturday Night's Alright (For Fearsome)...

...get a little action in! This Saturday, April 22nd, will be the day FEARSOME attacks New York City...with comedy! Feel free to join us for any or all of it.

7:30pm - Our very own Shayna is a finalist in the BATTLE OF THE FUNNY BANDS. That's right, she made it through the semi-finals and now will compete against comedy songsters God's Pottery, Rob and Mark, and Cock Lorge. Be there and vote...for Shay!

Mo Pitkins House of Satisfaction
Avenue A and 3rd Street

11:00pm - FEARSOME will defend our crown in Sketch Fights, where two groups duke it out...the audience and celebrity judges decide who walks away the winner, and who just walks. Come check it out.

154 W. 29th Street (between 6th and 7th Aves)

After midnight...we're gonna shake yo' tamborine. Not literally, of course. But join us to celebrate Alex's birthday! That's right, it's Alex's birthday and he's writing this post in the third person. We'll be at the Triple Crown which is on 7th Ave between 28th and 29th Streets. See you there.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Scenes in a Mall

Our second show of the D.C. Comedy Fest was in a theater in a mall. No foolin'. We in FEARSOME had our doubts about performing in a mall, but you know what, mad props to The Comedy Spot for being one of the most professional venues we've worked. Here are a few reasons why Liz and Jim are the bomb:

- The space was well designed. Comfortable seating for the audience. A huge stage so the actors can roam about. A decent-sized dressing room and green room.

- They cared about what we were doing. We wanted a table, they found us a table. When we couldn't get the DVD player to work, they ran out and bought a universal remote. Hope they didn't have to go far...oh yeah, we were in a mall.

- They provided water, candy, and beer backstage...and we don't even have a rider in our contract!

After the royal treatment, we in FEARSOME almost feel guilty for leaving our poop backstage. Almost.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Taking Fearsome home

So FEARSOME is hitting the road for the first time this year! We're hitting 95 South (Whoot, There it is!) to the D.C. Comedy Festival, home to a pork barrel full of politicians, the Washington Nationals, and me mum and dad. That's right, I get to go home...and take a pocketful of FEARSOME with me. I can't wait to see my friends from high school, still stuck in the same home town and show them all the exciting things I've been doing since I working in the phrase "scratchy pussy" into our new show. Ah, the kid is all grow'd up.

And if you or anyone you know is in the D.C. area this weekend, tell them to come say hi and we'll show them a good time like only FEARSOME can.

Friday, April 7th
Flashpoint Theater
916 G Street (9th and G)

FEARSOME will perform with two groups from Chicago (One Two Three and Chairs). Each group will perform a 30 minute set.

Saturday, April 8th
Comedy Spot
Ballston Mall – Third Floor
Arlington, VA

FEARSOME will perform again with Chicago’s own One Two Three
This time…a 40 minute set by each group!

All tickets are $15, and they are good for the entire evening, not just our show.