Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Scenes in a Mall

Our second show of the D.C. Comedy Fest was in a theater in a mall. No foolin'. We in FEARSOME had our doubts about performing in a mall, but you know what, mad props to The Comedy Spot for being one of the most professional venues we've worked. Here are a few reasons why Liz and Jim are the bomb:

- The space was well designed. Comfortable seating for the audience. A huge stage so the actors can roam about. A decent-sized dressing room and green room.

- They cared about what we were doing. We wanted a table, they found us a table. When we couldn't get the DVD player to work, they ran out and bought a universal remote. Hope they didn't have to go far...oh yeah, we were in a mall.

- They provided water, candy, and beer backstage...and we don't even have a rider in our contract!

After the royal treatment, we in FEARSOME almost feel guilty for leaving our poop backstage. Almost.


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