Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Three Times a Lady

Why last sketchfights was the best sketchfights I've ever seen.
By Katherine "Big Blogs" Bryant

1) Host With the Most, Josh, had a brush with catastrophe when his winged costume got caught in the giant fan he was using for effect. Alex Zalban performed an emergency unplug procedure.

2) The coin toss came up tails...again! What are odds of that!?

3) Trophy Dad did an entire sketch about a crowd's disgust with a weak willed child. Clowns included.

4) Trophy Dad did an entire sketch about a grandpa who tried everything to see his grandson naked.

5) Trophy dad tried everything to see us, Fearsome, naked.

6) Our set with Shayna's greatest stage moment...Emerging from a man-made butthole only to have fudge smeared all over her face. You know, to look like poo.

Thanks to all who attended and voted! We're looking forward to next month's battle against a soon to be announced competitor.


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