Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So many changes, so little blogging

Hello, Fearsome friends.

We have been very delinquent in our blogging, and as you out there in the blogosphere know, a blog updated every few months is a pathetic little bloglette. We will do our best to bring you the Fearsome news faster and more frequently.

So here's what you missed over the past few months:

- Shayna Ferm is married! This ends the will they/won't they hook-up drama between Shayna and every member of Fearsome...or will it? Maybe now that she's married, Fearsome nights will get a little hotter. Steamy!

- Jaime is pregnant! It is Fearsome's baby, no doubt. Steamy!

- Dan has moved to Arizona! Dan Zalevsky, founding member, has taken off to the desert. Not coincidentally, Dan moved shortly after Jaime announced she was pregnant. Steamy!

- Fearsome can be seen on youtube! That's right, check out our funny here or this one right here. Steamy!

- Fearsome is going to L.A.! Fearsome will perform at the L.A. Fest of Sketch in late October. Steamy! But not humid, thankfully.