Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fearsome is going to Hollywood!

Or rather, Fearsome just returned from Hollywood. We were thrilled to make our L.A. debut at the L.A. Fest of Sketch Comedy. It was almost a full reunion for us as the recently departed Dan made the trek out from Arizona to join in. Unfortunately, a very pregnant Jaime could not make the trip, but she thoughtfully sent us a giant Abby Go treat:

Thanks Jaime, it was delicious!

The shows were great and were well received by enthusiastic audiences including many industry. We were even approached about starring in a reality series...about Fearsome!

Extra special thanks to Shay's friend Rob who not only did our tech but housed us at his beautiful home in Laurel Canyon, complete with a 25 person hot tub. He also didn't complain after one of us slammed his hand in a car door. I don't want to incriminate anyone, but I will say it wasn't Dan, Chris, Katherine or Shayna who did the slamming. And of course, it wasn't Jaime.

Now we're back in New York and working out details regarding all of our new business, all while creating new videos and sketches for you good people. It was a great trip...and we only had to sell one soul:

Enjoy that "beer," Chris!


Blogger mikestill said...

That is the biggest hot tub I've seen all day!

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